Top 10 Places to live in North Carolina

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Top 10 places to live in North Carolina

North Carolina has extremely low cost of living in comparison to other states in the US; this is just one of the perks of living in the state. With this said, it also has its drawbacks. Some cities aren't as safe as others, while others are not going to have the best housing or school system. So, as is the case in any other state you choose to live in, when deciding where to move in North Carolina you do have to keep these factors in mind.

Whether you prefer the nightlife as a young couple, or simply want to live in the safest city with your family, there are a number of destinations to consider calling home in North Carolina. No matter what your budget is, what type of weather you enjoy, or where you have lived in the past, there are great cities which the state has to offer its residents. These are a few of the top options to consider if you plan on relocating in the state, or if you are moving to the state of North Carolina from out of state.
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