Top 10 Places to live in Washington

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Top 10 places to live in Washington

Washington is a great place to call home. A great blend of old and young, cities and suburbs, and affordable housing communities aren't too hard to find if you are willing to look. The state is rich in history as well, it has dated homes and fine architecture, and regardless of what you enjoy doing or what amenities you seek out as a local, the state of Washington has a city which is going to offer these things to you when you choose to make it your new home state.

Depending on whether you prefer low cost of living or simply want to find the most elaborate home, there is a city for you to turn to. And, regardless of what your age group, and whether you are moving alone or with family, there are great places to choose from as well. These are among the top places for you to consider calling your new home, when the time comes for you to pack your things and to make the transition to the state of Washington.
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