Top 10 Safest Place to Live in Florida

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Top 10 Safest Cities in Florida

Photo by Olin Gilbert

The state of Florida has plenty to offer its residents. Exceptional local nightlife, the fine beaches and scenic views, theme parks and outdoor activities, and of course the great weather year round. However, not every city in Florida is going to afford you the safety that you desire, especially if you are going to be living in the area with family, or if you are an elderly, retired individual, who doesn't want to have to worry about your personal safety each time you go out at night. Of course, as is the case in every other US state, certain areas in Florida are far safer than others are going to be.

When choosing safe locations to call home, there are a number of great cities from which you can choose in the state of Florida. Considering the occurrence of violent crimes in the area, the type of crimes which occur regularly, and the local police forces and authorities which are in place, will be a few of the many things you should consider when deciding where to move. Further, depending on the local activities and amenities you seek, and the average age bracket of local residents you are looking to live around, there are a number of great destinations for you to consider in the state. These are a few of the top, safe choices to consider moving to, for those who plan on living in Florida.
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